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The leading producer of solar thermal collectors

With more than 30 years of experience, Sun Master is the leading producer of solar thermal collectors. We have a large selection of solar collectors with accessories: flat plate solar collectorssolar absorbersmounting systems and components for solar systems.

Both the design and quality of our solar panels as well as a high degree of flexibility enable us to offer our partners individual solutions.


Innovation, research & know-how

Our employees’ many years of experience is reflected in our modern solar systems and  the innovative development of our OEM collectors. Intensive research in the fields of solar air conditioningsolar process heating and solar energy collectors has made us a market and innovation leader in recent years. We are also happy to communicate our extensive know-how in special training sessions.


Solar thermal collectors & solar power: energy for our future

Solar energy is an important source for meeting our current and future energy needs. Our mission "The right way to generate power" is reflected in our business center, the most advanced solar-active industrial building in the world. With a modern energy concept and a fully self-sufficient energy supply, we are actively taking the idea of the solar energy revolution out into the world.

Get an idea of the quality of our solar thermal collectors and our comprehensive services in the field of solar energy. The Sun Master team is looking forward to your contact request and a personal no-obligation consultation.

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